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Testimonial #4723: "Excellent resume. I am happy to note that all positive traits were brought out in a very clear and concise manner."  Mr. K. V. [Field Executive, FMCG]                      more testimonials

Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) makes the most crucial first impression on any prospective employer. Your resume is the strongest tool you have during your job search. Your resume is your own personal advertisement, promoter and sales agent - all rolled into one. Often your resume is your only friend in your hard struggle to find the right job with the right pay at the right organization. No doubt, your resume is your most vital career document!

In spite of that, most resumes are amateur, uninspiring efforts hastily duplicated from any available copy. Does your resume look like your career depended on it? Does it reflect your personality, skills and experience like you want it to? Are your proud of your resume? Honestly?

You send out your resume to companies expecting to win a job that will cost the company lacs and thousands in salary and overheads. You expect the company to spend high value management time to interview you, based on your resume. Now, how much effort have you really put into your resume? Is your resume worth all the attention that you expect? Are you sure that your resume is that good? Any HR manager will tell you that most resumes end up in the trash. Will your resume share that fate?

You might have the required level of experience, the right qualifications and strong education background, but what good is it if you still miss out on that dream job because your resume did not represent you effectively? If your resume is only as good as your competition's, how can your chances of winning a job be any better?

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Tip #1: The resume is a sales document that introduces you to your prospective employer in a manner that convinces him to have a discussion with you to consider the chances of an association.          more resume writing tips

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